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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last fridays rumble in the Underhive

Once again the ChromeLords tried to take on the Sump Mercs. This time some of the members of the ChromeLords tried to hit the Mercs where it vould hurt the most - by taking out one of their Waterstills.
Since they were seriously outgunned they tried to sneak in to the encampment and take the Mercs totaly by surprise.

Dogboy, now a ganger and armed with a Boltgun (and lots of extra ammo), took the lead. The trio was covered by Gunman and his trusted heavy-stubber.
But the Mercs were waiting for them, armed mostly with Bolt-weapons and frags. And reinforcements were on the way, so Dogboy and the crew had to hurry if they were to succeed with their mission.
In the end, the Waterstill proved to be too sturdy for even Dogboys Boltershells and the crew had to fall back, since they had taken too many casualties to be able to continue the attack.

So the first game didn't go as planned. Well, since I only had half the gang on the table against all of the Mercs I could only hope to make one push at the target before I had to fall back. The push failed and I might have miscalculated the amount of firepower needed to hurt the Waterstill..

Furious with the defeat the ChromeLords mounted a fullscale attack on the Mercs. It was time for a total Gangfight!
I deployed the gang in a "classic" Van Saar gunline and started to strafe the area with gunfire, with great success! But in the end they were pushed back and had to retreat, because of a failed leadership-roll... If defeat wasn't bad enough my leader suffered a serious head-wound making him very unreliable in the future!

The ChromeLords will be back in the future, and hopefully I will be able to score some wins!

FD Mini Painting said...

so damn awesome im jus gettin back into necromunda myself after a 8 year absence check our blog out in the near future to see my ash waste nomads and other gangs mate!im now following ya blog its really cool

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