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Friday, May 6, 2011

Red hats in the Underhive...

The "Red Hats" are one of the more flamboyant gangs originating from the House of Delaque. Usually they sneak around in the shadows, but not the "Red Hats".
I wanted to do something more colourfull than a gang of black, grey or brown trenchcoats running around the battlefield. So I gave them hats and some more defined clothing, like striped or checkered pants.

Shotguns are also a "theme" I wanted to run with. Right now there are 3 gangers armed with shotguns as their primary weapon (the 2 above and anotherone is still in the WIP section).

Another Ganger, armed with a autogun - I'll might add some type of magazine or ammo drum to his weapon, to make it more obvious that its a autogun he's carrying.

No, it's not an assaultcannon (!), I used the original heavy stubber for another project some time ago. But when I started to reconstruct and repaint this gang I found that the assault cannon (originally from a Land speeder - I think) fits quite nicely. Anyway it's a Heavy Stubber and not an Assault Cannon...

Three more Gangers that I'm working on. I'm going to add some more details to them before I paint them. I also got a Juve, another autogun Ganger and a Heavy with a flamer that needs to be stripped of paint before I can repaint them.
I baught this gang at a convention, about 12 years ago. It was cheap a deal, but they were in an awful state. Thick layers of paint covered some of the details so I've been giving them long baths in a cleaning product for windows which tends to dissolve the paint.

I'll put in some work on this gang when I've got the time, I still need to repaint a couple of gangers for my Van Saar gang since I got a couple of games lined up for sunday.

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