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Monday, May 2, 2011

Big trouble in the Underhive...

A bit on the "ChromeLords" adventures and misadventures in the Necromundan Underhive.
Part 1:
It all started with a simple Scavange mission. The gang made their way into the area in search for old, but useful junk to sell at the trading post. Everything went as planned until, from the shadows, hazy and shadow-wrapped assailants emerged. Their strange needle weapons made easy prey of the Van Saar gangers. The "ChromeLords" quickly rethought the battleplan and drove the Deviant Scum from the area, but not before they made it of with half of the useful loot.
The "ChromeLords" was left wondering what in the Emperor they just encountered…
So how could the "ChromeLords" learn more about these strange new adversaries?
Maybe we can lure them out with a caravan - the Gangleader Ceasar thought.

Which was the thing leading up to the second scenario.
The "The CromeLords" made a deal with a local Guilder to watch his caravan and maybe draw out the strange Deviants into the open.
The plan was both a bit of a success and a bit of a failure. Most of the ChromeLords got peppered with poisoned darts before they even could spot the Deviants and Castor, with his autogun, was the only one who could put one of them down.
One of the strange shadow-wrapped creatures got into the caravan area, but was only able to steal and make of with only a few credits worth of merchandise.
Luckily no Guilder was harmed during the attack.

The "ChromeLords" are still wondering who these strange intruders are…
More to come on that subject!

Part 2:
Another Scavanger mission for the "ChromeLords". This time the rumors said it might be Scavvies in the area. Just minutes into the hunt the mysterious and alien intruders emerges from the shadows and attacked the Lords.
 And from the other side of the area they could hear the tell-tale noises of the Scavvies closing in on the fight.
After a three-sided battle with the alien intruders caught in the middle the Scavvies decimated them with a well placed shot from a scatter-cannon leaving only the "ChromeLords" standing against them.
 The Lords sent forward the Juves and covered them with fire from the Heavy Stubber, taking down a Scaly and a Scavvie.

In the end the Scavvies retreated with part of the loot, leaving the "ChromeLords" as the winning gang, once again!

Part 3:
The "ChromeLords" went home with most of the loot from the scavanger hunt at the old gunk-tank. Meenwhile the Eldar Scouts plotted another attack on the Scavvie warband. An attack the went horribly wrong and almost landed the teamleader in the pot at the Scavvies encampment. But the surviving Eldar went on a daring rescuemission and against all odds managed to free their captured comrade. So the scouts slipped away into the shadows and disappeared - for this time, they might be back...

Just seconds before the Van Saar "gunline" is hit with the blast from a scattercannon...

Since there won't be any Necromunda this week I can concentrate on painting my gangs. Besides from my Van Saars I'm also working on a very colourful bunch of Delaques (pictures will be posted when later this week).

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