Wellcome to PlasticFish Online!

The PlasticFish is trying to get back into the painting-mood!
Right now we are still throwing down in the underhive of "Necromunda". And I'm trying to get into Warmachine with my Khador battlegroup.

Gallery of the Plasticfish

Ogryn Squad for my Renegade Imperial Guard Army - "The Strom Renegades".
Bonehead Ogryn
Rippergun side-detail

Full Psyker Battle Squad for my Renegade Imperial Guard Army

 Front and back detail on the squad Overseer

 Special Weapons Squad "5-10"
 Company Standard, for my "Strom Renegades"

Platoon Standards for my "Strom Renegades"

 "Lost & Damned"-styled Guardsmen.

Some pictures of my Baneblade.

Veteran Space Marine of the Doom Legion Chapter

Tank Commander Zeus, on foot...


 Adeptus Mechanicus Techpriest, local GW painting competition - summer 2009.

Raptors Chapter Devestator Sgt.

Raptors Chapter Terminator Squad

Raptors Chapter Devastator

Tried my hand at the Deathwing (not doing that again...)

"Ceasar", leader of the "ChromeLords" Van Saar gang

"Smiley Jr.", Juve of the "ChromeLords" Van Saar gang

More pictures will soon be added!

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