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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A weekend out of the country.

I spent the weekend in Copenhagen and had the opportunity to visit the local GW shop. A very small basement-like shop with some very nice guys. I got the rundown on all the new paints and a very nice chat about the finer points in Guardsmen strategy. Right now I am nursing the cold of the century and I am itching to get home and get some painting done!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stuff, downtime and painting that needs to get done

I haven't been motivated to paint or build anything in some time now. And that is why the posting has been mostly sporadic for some time now.
But now work is starting to pile up on my desk.

A friend of mine talked me into trying out Warmachine, so I got a Khador Battlegroup just waiting to get some paint. And I also have the Baneblade to finish. Right now I've just finished converting a finecast Imperial Guard Commissar to act as the corrupted tankcommander.

It took some cutting and some bending (it is surprisingly simple to bend finecast resin after you flush it in hot water). But at last I got it into the right position.

I also need to finish the barrel-setup on both sides of the tank. And some more dirt and other foul stuff.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Same old song

What have I been up to lateley?
Well, I've been working and in between I've been playing some games and painting some minis. I recently started up Battlefleet Gothic with some friends. It's really a project I've been working on for the past year, but never got of the ground...

Right now I got 2 Ramships (the blue ones in the front row), 3 Savage Gunships, 2 Ravager Attack Ships, 2 Kill Kroozers (the big chunky onew to the right) and 2 Terror Kroozers (well one of them is still being painted). I'm also working on a Spacehulk and some more Fighta Bomma-markers.
Since I scratchbuild all of my ships I only invest time in this project, while my friends buy ships from GW and ForgeWorld. So right now we only play 500pts games.

Here we have my 500 pts list. A Terror Kroozer, a Kill Kroozer and a trio of Savage Gunships. In the last game I opted to change my Heavy gunz batteries for torpedolaunchers with looted torpedos.
The last game was against my friends Tau-fleet and it ended in a terrible draw. Both our remaining ships tried to outmanouver eachother and after two hours we decided that we both had enough...
That game put the finger on the problem - I need more, cheap, and fast escorts!

A close-up shot of my finished Fighta Bomma-markers. Takes a long time to build but they are fun to paint!
A close-up of some markers that are still waiting to get some paint. I'm also thinking about building some torpedo- and boarding torpedo-markers.

And yes, the work on the Chaos Baneblade continues...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Necromunda-night

So I'm back from another afternoon with Necromunda. Sorry to say that it was a complete disaster for my team but it was also a lot of fun.
First, I've been trying out my "Techgang" a couple of times - without any great success I may add. Second, we played a three-sided battle. My "Techgang", the Mercs and a gang of Scavvies - with too many Zombies lined up for a fight. The result was devestating for my gang. One of my gangers was turned into a Zombie and my Leader got blown away by one of the Scavvies...
So that was the end of my "Techgang" for this time. Since then I've been dubbling my efforts, and trying to get the Van Saar ChromeLords into business again. Somewhere Downhive there's a rumor that an invasion of Plague Zombies is on the way... It's time to rally all hardened fighters in the defense of the Underhive.
Until next time...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another go at my Baneblade, part 1.

As I said in my previous posting I've been putting some work into getting my old Baneblade finished. I wasn't satisfied with the outcome the first time around, so now I'm trying to fulfill the original vision I had for this project.

The picture above is a before picture. This was the tank before I started to update it.

First, I did a bit of repainting. And painted over all (!) of the brass rivets that I so painfully picked out the last time around. I also added the colours of my "Strom Renegade" Imperial Guard army, the red and yellow stripes, both on the armor and on the turret. I also, after some digging in my bitbox, found and added the storage compartments to the turret. I also found some pics on the GW site, of a Tallarn Baneblade with the muzzlebreak from the Hellhammer cannon added as a muzzlebreak to the regular Baneblade cannon. It's a simple, yet nice touch that makes it stand out a bit more.

I also added the smokelaunchers and a couple of more Nurglings (still got a few more to add). Most of the Nurglings also needs to be repainted - since most of them was painted quite hasty the first time around.

On top of the turret there will be a gunner with a heavy stubber, a screaming tankcommander and maybe a gurdsman riding along on top of the storagebins.

Right now I've focused almost all my work on the right side of the tank, both on the side and on top of it - I need to give the turret and the whole of the left side a bit more love.

A bit of a close-up on the weathering on the right side. The tracks still need to get its proper colour and it might need more "slime".
More pictures will come, as soon as I've gotten some more work done on it!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A bit of an update.

Ok, I'm back again. But no pictures of my ongoing projects. Since the last posting I've finished the magnetized Russ and I'm planning on adding another one or two to the army.
I've also started to do a bit of repainting on my old Baneblade.

BaneBlade, before the repaint.

I got this one as soon as it was released and I rushed the painting to get it ready for a Apocalypse game at the local GW-store. So I took some shortcuts and I've never really been satisfied with the result. So I've been adding some more details (some more Nurglings!) and some more paint, including a lot of battledamage.
More pictures are on the way!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Working on the Leman Russ

So, I'm on vacation. And there are a lot of other things I've been doing besides from painting. But I've managed to slap some paint on the magnetized Leman Russ I started a while back.

As I said before I'm aiming at getting it into the same colour as the other vehicles in the army. A bit of a challange, since I've forgotten the exact combination of paints.
The left side is still a bit "too clean". Well, both sides and the top, front and back needs more work.
The top-view shows that there are a lot of work left to be done! Yes, I also need to start to work on the turret and the weapons!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Leman Russ magnetized

Once I figured out how much of the gun had to come of it was no problem replicating the process on all of the guns. I simply removed the squared part, that fits into the turret, slapped a magnet on it and carefully fitted the shield on top of the part of the gun that sticks out from the turret.
I also fitted magnets to all of the guns. So the guns fits nice and tight against the turret.
To make the sponson-weapons and the hull-mounted weapon stick into place a fitted magnets into the bottom of the empty sockets and glued a peice of metal to the ends of the guns. It's not a really tight fit, but it keeps them in place much better than if you just leave them unglued.
I glued the sponsons in place, I could have magnetized them but I didn't want to have the whole tank go into peices if you picked it up from the table in the wrong way...

Since I'm playing a traitor-guard army this one will have the same kind of paintjob as the Vendetta and the Sentinel that are already in the army (pictures of the vendetta and the sentinel).
Now I just need to add some more metal to the  weapons and I'm ready for the painting!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another weekend...

Another weekend has passed. And what have I been up to? Well, I got my hands on a Leman Russ-kit last week and I spent some time building it and magnetizing it.
Pictures will be up tomorrow. But as I was building the kit some points of interrests came to mind:
First of the Leman Russ is a really easy kit to build, and that's on the plus-side. On the negative side I really can't understand why they don't put all the options for the tank into the kit..! It really ticked me off, that a need to get a "tank accessories"-sprue from GW if I want to put on a dozer-blade or add a Heavy Stubber to it.
Well ok, sure I could use plasti-card to build me a dozer-blade but I don't really have the time right now...

Well, I'm not going to take up more time with the subject. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the magnetizing of the weapons and some thoughts on the future!
Until then, good night!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As promised

As I promised in my posting from yesterday, pics of some work I've done.

Here we got three of my four Sergeant Daemonettes for my "Strom Renegades". I'm still not satisfied that these have a place in the army. They might be a bit too Daemonette for the over-all feel of the army...

It took some time, but I managed to decide on a paintscheme for my armored Veterans. It's mainly different shades of grey... and some battledamage on the armorparts. I wanted the lenses to pop-out a bit from the rest, so I painted them green.

That's all for now!

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