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Friday, January 29, 2010

Special weapons squad finished!

I finished the Special Weapons squad, called "5-10", last night. I'm really pleased with the result!

And since I got a bit bored later on I also started on my two HQ Bodyguards:

So this weekend will be dedicated to finishing these two and maybe starting on a pair of heavy weapons teams.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ghoul Servitors ?!

Some time ago I found myself with some Warhammer Fantasy Ghoul minis that I didn't have any use for. So what can you do with som skinny-looking, mean-spirited, human-eating minis? Well you can add some stuff to them and make them into something more fitting the 40K universe.

Chain-weapon arm, a Necromunda pattern Lasgun and some other stuff was added to them and after just some quick brushworks they are starting to look like some creepy servitors.

I have no idea what i'm going to do with them once they are finished. But you never know when you are going to need some servitors. My first thought was to use them as "gangers" in some Ad-Mech styled Necromunda gang. But since I haven't played a full Necromunda game in years I don't see that plan really comming together...

Hmm... I have to clean some of my minis, on these pictures it almost looks like they have fur on their backs! No, they've just been standing in the window collecting dust for a while now...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Renegade Ogryns

A while back I converted some Warhammer Fantasy Ogres into some Renegade Ogryns - styled after the Vraks Ruleset. But since I started to build my "Strom Renegades" to fit into the IG Codex I really needed to re-style the Ogryns!

This is the result:

I gave them some minigun-styled Ripperguns:

The Psykerbattlesquad

Last week I finished the Overseer for this squad. Now I've gotten around to take some pics on all of them. This build was a real fun one. Once I got going I could really get creative. I specially picket different types of heads for these minis. I wanted to give them a more personal look, and I think I pulled it of. It also gave me the chanse to use some different colours. I'm really pleased with the result!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Dark Commissar

I was thinking about adding some flavor to my Imperial Guard Renegade army, so I thought why not use a fallen Commissar-character?
This is the progress on him so far:

The pose is inspired by one of the GW metal minis.
I will also mount him on a bigger base that I made last night:

The broken cog-wheel is a piece that I cast myself with GF9 Grey Stuff (better for doing your own casting than GS since you can mix more of the black curing agent into the mix, and get it ready a bit faster than usual).
For the armor on the Fallen Commissar I used stippling, with some different colours to get a really worn-out look.

I'm also thinking about adding some books or scrolls to his belt, he feels a bit naked in the front right now.
Well, there are still a lot of layers of paint left to do on this one!

The Overseer has arrived!

This is the Overseer for my Psyker Battle Squad:

So now my Renegade Imperial Guard army - the Strom Renegades - have been outfitted with a brand new and terrible addition - a full Psyker Battle Squad!

Flamer specialists

I finished the three flamer-specialists I was working on:

And I'm pleased with the outcome!
The numbers "5-10" signifies the unit they belong to.
More pics:

Now I can add some of the spare guardsmen I have laying around anf make them into a specialweapons-squad.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Progression over the weekend

Since I had some other things to do this weekend, progression on my Renegade Imperial Guard Army was kind of slow.

ut I'm most pleased with the Overseer, he's starting to look kind of grizzled:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Telion - on loan to my Raptors.

I bought this one just after it was released. But it took me a while before I painted it. And I have to say that I didn't like it. It has a closed pose, and I'm not a fan of painting pieces first and then assembling them. I have some difficulty when it comes to get the colours right on the different pieces. This time it was quite easy to fix all of that when all the pieces were in place.

Most of the armor, pants and the cloak are in the same colours as my Raptors Chapter Army. But i opted for keeping the Ultra Marines shoulderpad blue and white, just so it's clear that he's just on loan from the chapter.

I also gave some of the armor some weathering - especially on the knee- and shoulderpads. As much as I dislike his pose I'm fairly pleased with the result. The base still needs some more details before I'm satisfied with it all.

A bit of an update.

A slapped some paint on one of the Flamer Specialist. And yes, I did some weathering on the tank on his back ( I just couldn't help myself!)

I also started on the Overseer for my Psyker Battle Squad, that I haven't published any pics of yet, but they are all finished.

I'll have to try and get some pics of my finished Psyker Battle squad - the result was quite nice.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Heavy Weapons Teams.

I came up with a smart idea when it comes to saving some pieces or getting the biggest bang from you Heavy Weapons kits.
Some time now I've been working on three Heavy Bolter Teams for my Traitor Imperial Guard Army - The Strom Renegades.

As you can see the right one is still not 100% finished.

A close-up on the first one I did build. The only one that I consider finished right now.

The second one, this time without the shield, I think they feel more "dug-in" without it.

The last one still needs some more Grey Stuff and sand on the roof. Also another coat of paint is needed and a bit of scorched grass here and there.

New year and new builds!

I started out the new year with building some new additions to my Traitor Imperial Guard Army.
I had some spare stuff laying around so I started with making some Special Weapons Guardsmen.
First off we have some flamers, fits nicely into the theme of the army. Well I don't really have a theme, I just think flamers are wicked weapons. These three are just straight forward Cadian guardsmen with some different heads. All three of them have heads from the Warhammer Fantasy range - Flagellants to be more precise. I used a spare empty helmet and shaved a bit of plastic of the second ones head to make it a better fit.
Next up is this duo. A sniper and his spotter. With this one I now have three snipers in the army, and can make a Special weapons team with snipers if I want to. The spotter will go as another Lasgun armed guardsman in the same squad.
The kneeling parts are from the Cadian Heavy weapons teams boxed-set. The head on the left one is from the Warhammer Fantasy - Imperial Militia box. The head on the right one is from the Catachan Hq boxed-set.
Both have backpacks from the Cadian Heavy Weapons set.

Next up is The Dark Commissar(!) I thought my army needed a character who could inspire greatness/fear into them as they run to their death across the battlefield. The most interresting part in this build is the powerfist that I took from the old(!) Necromunda equipment sprue (old - yes the sprue is dated 1992). The head is one of my favorites - it's from the Imperial Flagellant sprue. So is also the bannerpole. The coat is also another favorite piece of mine - from the Imperial Militia sprue. I added a bit of armor with some GS.
I have to say that I'm very pleased with the result!

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