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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Dark Commissar

I was thinking about adding some flavor to my Imperial Guard Renegade army, so I thought why not use a fallen Commissar-character?
This is the progress on him so far:

The pose is inspired by one of the GW metal minis.
I will also mount him on a bigger base that I made last night:

The broken cog-wheel is a piece that I cast myself with GF9 Grey Stuff (better for doing your own casting than GS since you can mix more of the black curing agent into the mix, and get it ready a bit faster than usual).
For the armor on the Fallen Commissar I used stippling, with some different colours to get a really worn-out look.

I'm also thinking about adding some books or scrolls to his belt, he feels a bit naked in the front right now.
Well, there are still a lot of layers of paint left to do on this one!

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