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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Heavy Weapons Teams.

I came up with a smart idea when it comes to saving some pieces or getting the biggest bang from you Heavy Weapons kits.
Some time now I've been working on three Heavy Bolter Teams for my Traitor Imperial Guard Army - The Strom Renegades.

As you can see the right one is still not 100% finished.

A close-up on the first one I did build. The only one that I consider finished right now.

The second one, this time without the shield, I think they feel more "dug-in" without it.

The last one still needs some more Grey Stuff and sand on the roof. Also another coat of paint is needed and a bit of scorched grass here and there.


Dan H said...

How did you make your bases to look like this mate?

Dan H said...

Would really like to know, they look amazing.

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