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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Playing with bases!

Some time ago I was playing around with GS casting, now I'm playing around with bases.
Here are some urban styled ones with some nice, in my opinion, brick-work. With a bit of practice you can easily make a lot of these in one day (or in my case night...).

I'm most pleased with the big one, I added some spent shells and a cable to it.

The bases above are in a bit more "battlefield"-fashion.

This last one is crawling with undead. I was thinking about mounting some sort of evil wizard, preist or demon on the rocky part.

Strom Renegades Heavy Weapons Team

An autocannon team for my Strom Renegade Army.

Still some details left to fix.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Undead sniper ?!

Made this one for my Strom Renegades. There's no space in the army for it yet but maybe in the future. I thought: a sniper that can lay in wait forever - why not go for an undead one ?!

Chaos Champion in progress.

I slapped this one together about two weeks ago. Mostly because I like the scythe and I was a bit bored with my other projects.

Next up is to give that flesh a pale look.

Strom Renegade Update!

It's been almost two months since my last update, mostly because I've been painting on a whole lot of different projects. A lot of painting and not so many pictures, just yet. I've added a second Veteran squad and a Psyker battlesquad. Both which are at the undercoating stage right now.

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