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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stuff, downtime and painting that needs to get done

I haven't been motivated to paint or build anything in some time now. And that is why the posting has been mostly sporadic for some time now.
But now work is starting to pile up on my desk.

A friend of mine talked me into trying out Warmachine, so I got a Khador Battlegroup just waiting to get some paint. And I also have the Baneblade to finish. Right now I've just finished converting a finecast Imperial Guard Commissar to act as the corrupted tankcommander.

It took some cutting and some bending (it is surprisingly simple to bend finecast resin after you flush it in hot water). But at last I got it into the right position.

I also need to finish the barrel-setup on both sides of the tank. And some more dirt and other foul stuff.

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