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Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok, new additions to the army: the primary HQ will be made up by a Captain and his HQ squad. I also needed some more heavy weapons and added a Devestator Squad, with the goal to add 3-4 Lascannons to the army. Well, the goal is to add 4 Lascannons, so I can deal with armoured threats on the table. But right now I only got 3 Lascannons to fit to the squad, so maybe I'll add a Heavy Bolter - to deal with those pesky footloggers you always run into...

Monday, October 27, 2008

The "Ground punisher", part 2.

A bit of a concept pic for the "Ground Punisher". A mockup made with Sketchup and a bit of Photoshopping. Not so many details on this one, but it's just for show right now, since it's all in pieces right now.
Right now I was thinking about the armament. I get the feeling that something is missing, but I can't really out my finger on it. Still thinking about Armorvalue and stuff like that, but that's a whole other issue!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Renegades!

Reading about the "Seige of Vraks" i found myself in the mood for some Imperial guard renegades. Those that FW produce are just awesome, but my budget dosn't let reach that far. Instead I got my hands on some really cheap Warhammer Fantasy pieces. A box of (20) Imperial Militia and a box of (6) Ogres. Since the hobbyshop back home is selling out all of its GW stuff for half the original price this was a bargaine. With such a good deal I think I will try and get my hands on some more Imperial pieces before they run out of them. Well, the Imperial Militia people are now in the process of being converted into Guard renegades armed with Lasguns instead of crossbows. Just because they are from the Fantasy range the overall feel to these ones are that they are probebly from some backwater system, still highly underdeveloped.

As you can see, painting has just begun and the colours are just basic ones so far.

A Renegade armed with a flamer, wearing a nice and heavy helmet.

A Shotgun armed Renegade.

As I see it you can never have to many Renegades laying around the house. You never know when you might need some.

Raptors by the points

I quickly ran the numbers of my current army and this is what I came up with. I'm still lacking a bit in the Heavy Support section, and Fast Attack options too. But that's a later issue. I was thinking about doing some changes to the HQ section, by adding a captain and a command squad to it instead for the chapter master. And when it comes to Heavy support I need something that can punch thrue armor, like some Lascannons in a Devestator Squad. My first aim is to reach 1500 pts with this army.
Space Marine Chapter Master 140 pts

Boltgun, Powersword (+15).
Troop #1
Space Marine TacticalSquad 106 pts
9 marines, 1 sergeant (Boltpistol, Chainsword),
Flamer, Missile launcher.
Troop #2
Space Marine Tactical Squad 106 pts
9 marines, 1 sergeant (Boltpistol, Chainsword),
Flamer, Missile launcher.
Troop #3
Space Marine Scout quad 115 pts
5 scouts, Sniper rifle, Missile launcher (+10), Camo Cloaks (+15)
Teleport Homer (+15)
Troop #4
Space Marine Scout Squad 105 pts
5 scouts (1 shotgun, 2 Bolters, 1 Boltpistol & Combat blade),
H.Bolter & Hellfire shells (+10), Melta Bombs (+5), Teleport Homer (+15)
Elites #1
Terminator Squad 430 pts
9 Terminators, 1 Sergeant, 1 Cyclone Missile Launcher (+30).
Elites #2
Dreadnought 105 pts
Elites #3
Dreadnought 105 pts
TOTAL: 1212 pts

For now it has all been about the numbers. Painting has been suspended on behalf of me catching a cold two weeks back. And insane coffing and painting does not go well together..!

The "Ground Punisher" Inquisitorial Superheavy vehicle, part 1.

I wanted to recycle some (or a lot) of pieces that I had laying around. So I started, right on the top of my head to construct a Superheavy-piece for my Inquisitor-army. I started out with 5 bulkheadpieces from the Necromunda boxed set, and some spare windows from the Mordheim boxed set. To that I added all the spare parts, that I didn't use, for my Baneblade; heavy flamers and the Hellhammer cannon. Well, as you can see, it's all in pieces right now! And this picture won't show you the whole picture. The whole picture is that this one will be a "floating" cube of death. Armed with 2 twin-linked heavy flamers (one sponson on each side), a twin-linked heavy bolter (a "nose-turret" mounted under the front of the cube) and the primary weapon; the Hellhammer cannon mounted on the roof of the cube. The main armament will be in a fixed position. The back of the cube will have a small access area/balcony. With enough room for two minis at the moment. The whole thing will be mounted on a flying-base that's attached to a bigger more scenic base (made from a CD).
This mini is the commander, that will be visible, together with the two pilots thru the drivers front view position.

All in all this build is a quite simple one. The only problem is getting all the pieces to fit nicely together. So it's a bit more timeconsuming build than I first enticipated. I'll try and post more frequently as the work progress on this one.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Warhammer Online.

I have been reluctant to join in fantasy rpg:s online for a couple of years now. Mostly because I haven't had the time to spend on Everquest II or World of Worldcraft. On the other hand I've been kneedeep in both Guildwars and Tabula Rasa for a while now. But when it comes to Guildwars it's a game that's more of a solo-game than a groupgame. Tabula Rasa on the other hand works great as a sologame but when it comes to some instances and when it comes to defending and retaking controlpoints you really need some friends. But now on to the real topic: my newfound love for Warhammer Online. Lots of stuff have already been said about the mechanics of this game, so my input on the matter seems quite useless, so to speak. Right now I'm a level 17 Witch Hunter (specialized as an Inquisitor). But in my mind the game goes up and down. There are times when it feels like your Xp-progresson freezes to a standstill. When you reach about 55-65% of the Xp-bar there's almost a magical barrier that comes into play. And you really have to give it all you got to progress past that point. And it almost always result in death over and over again for your character. So what is the conclusion? It almost seems like your quests pushes you forward on the map in a faster pace than your character can handle. You travel far into highly-dangerous territories to find what you are looking for. But I think this is a minor problem that will levelout over time.
Well, I'm not the one to complain. The game and the community on the server I'm at, are great! Can't wait to get of my laptop and on to my regular computer so I can continue my quests in Ostland!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The army as of now...

This is the army that has taken up encampment on my livingroom table. As you can see it's green, the most of it. But there are some black spots and some red...
The six black/silver marines in the front are my Deathwatch marines. The red scouts to the right of them are the remnants of my Blood Angel scouts that are going to join the Raptors in a near future. There are still five Terminators to paint. And the other Terminators still got a lot of detailwork to go. The Terminator in the far right corner is my Cyclone missile launcher.

A spare Termi with some added missilepods from a Land Speeder Typhoon from my bitsbox, makes for a pretty nice Cyclone Missile Launcher. A bit big, but on the cool side!

A quick glance on the Tactical Marines. Some detailwork are still missing and the Sgt:s still need some real skincolour(!).

Last, but not least, six Deathwatch Space Marines for those "tough-to-kill" Xenos-situations. Originaly these guys are part of my so called "Ordo Xenos project" but why not add them to this army.
The Force-commander and the Dreads are still only in the undercoat-stage. I haven't really gotten around to them yet. More to come!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dark Heresy Characters

I had a little time over last week, so I decided to take some time and try and make some minis that represent the players in my Dark Heresy group. From left to right we have: The sanctioned Psycher. Who could easily be mistaken for a guardsman. He has gotten quite fond of his rocketlauncher he picked up during a small adventure out in the wastelands. Next up we have the hammer-swinging Preacher. The teams "face". The man with the guard-uniform and the Heavy Stubber is the teams Guardsman. A brutish feral man with more guns than social skills. And last but not least we have the teams Assassin. A long-range killer who loves to sneak around in the shadows just as much as charging head on with Autogun set to full-auto. These four ones are not the most social team of Acolytes in the sector.

A small addition...

After adding a lot of extra stuff to the scouts I didn't have any more room to add a teleport homer to the squad. So I put one on a seperate base.

It could also work as a pretty nice mission objective marker.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scouts, now in colour, part 2.

About a year back I planned for a Blood Angels army but I never really got it going, so right now I'm looking at a squad of scouts and a tactical squad of Blood Angels that are of no use to me what so ever. On the other hand I'm pleased with the tactical squad so I'm not in the mood of repainting them.

But the scouts on the other hand - well, just say that they are going from red to green in a couple of days. As you can see, I have already started the process on the one to the right.

Scouts, now in colour, part 1.

This squad is the "not so mobile" sniping-squad. Equiped and armed for stealth. The first of the squads that I'm planning.
The whole squad from the front.
And from the back.
The sgt.
and one of the snipers,and another sniper.

The Sister

I started this one a while back. I wanted to experiment with the goldcoloured armour, washes and stuff. So far the only thing that is missing is the completion of the hair, the face and the bionic eye that I greenstuffed on her right side. But this one mini that I'm not in any rush to complete. This is a "meditation project", one that I turn to when all other projects start to get on my nerves. Right now the backpack and the head need some more work, but I'll get there sooner or later.

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