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Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Renegades!

Reading about the "Seige of Vraks" i found myself in the mood for some Imperial guard renegades. Those that FW produce are just awesome, but my budget dosn't let reach that far. Instead I got my hands on some really cheap Warhammer Fantasy pieces. A box of (20) Imperial Militia and a box of (6) Ogres. Since the hobbyshop back home is selling out all of its GW stuff for half the original price this was a bargaine. With such a good deal I think I will try and get my hands on some more Imperial pieces before they run out of them. Well, the Imperial Militia people are now in the process of being converted into Guard renegades armed with Lasguns instead of crossbows. Just because they are from the Fantasy range the overall feel to these ones are that they are probebly from some backwater system, still highly underdeveloped.

As you can see, painting has just begun and the colours are just basic ones so far.

A Renegade armed with a flamer, wearing a nice and heavy helmet.

A Shotgun armed Renegade.

As I see it you can never have to many Renegades laying around the house. You never know when you might need some.

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