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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dark Heresy Characters

I had a little time over last week, so I decided to take some time and try and make some minis that represent the players in my Dark Heresy group. From left to right we have: The sanctioned Psycher. Who could easily be mistaken for a guardsman. He has gotten quite fond of his rocketlauncher he picked up during a small adventure out in the wastelands. Next up we have the hammer-swinging Preacher. The teams "face". The man with the guard-uniform and the Heavy Stubber is the teams Guardsman. A brutish feral man with more guns than social skills. And last but not least we have the teams Assassin. A long-range killer who loves to sneak around in the shadows just as much as charging head on with Autogun set to full-auto. These four ones are not the most social team of Acolytes in the sector.

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