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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The "Ground Punisher" Inquisitorial Superheavy vehicle, part 1.

I wanted to recycle some (or a lot) of pieces that I had laying around. So I started, right on the top of my head to construct a Superheavy-piece for my Inquisitor-army. I started out with 5 bulkheadpieces from the Necromunda boxed set, and some spare windows from the Mordheim boxed set. To that I added all the spare parts, that I didn't use, for my Baneblade; heavy flamers and the Hellhammer cannon. Well, as you can see, it's all in pieces right now! And this picture won't show you the whole picture. The whole picture is that this one will be a "floating" cube of death. Armed with 2 twin-linked heavy flamers (one sponson on each side), a twin-linked heavy bolter (a "nose-turret" mounted under the front of the cube) and the primary weapon; the Hellhammer cannon mounted on the roof of the cube. The main armament will be in a fixed position. The back of the cube will have a small access area/balcony. With enough room for two minis at the moment. The whole thing will be mounted on a flying-base that's attached to a bigger more scenic base (made from a CD).
This mini is the commander, that will be visible, together with the two pilots thru the drivers front view position.

All in all this build is a quite simple one. The only problem is getting all the pieces to fit nicely together. So it's a bit more timeconsuming build than I first enticipated. I'll try and post more frequently as the work progress on this one.

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