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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The army as of now...

This is the army that has taken up encampment on my livingroom table. As you can see it's green, the most of it. But there are some black spots and some red...
The six black/silver marines in the front are my Deathwatch marines. The red scouts to the right of them are the remnants of my Blood Angel scouts that are going to join the Raptors in a near future. There are still five Terminators to paint. And the other Terminators still got a lot of detailwork to go. The Terminator in the far right corner is my Cyclone missile launcher.

A spare Termi with some added missilepods from a Land Speeder Typhoon from my bitsbox, makes for a pretty nice Cyclone Missile Launcher. A bit big, but on the cool side!

A quick glance on the Tactical Marines. Some detailwork are still missing and the Sgt:s still need some real skincolour(!).

Last, but not least, six Deathwatch Space Marines for those "tough-to-kill" Xenos-situations. Originaly these guys are part of my so called "Ordo Xenos project" but why not add them to this army.
The Force-commander and the Dreads are still only in the undercoat-stage. I haven't really gotten around to them yet. More to come!

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