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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Warhammer Online.

I have been reluctant to join in fantasy rpg:s online for a couple of years now. Mostly because I haven't had the time to spend on Everquest II or World of Worldcraft. On the other hand I've been kneedeep in both Guildwars and Tabula Rasa for a while now. But when it comes to Guildwars it's a game that's more of a solo-game than a groupgame. Tabula Rasa on the other hand works great as a sologame but when it comes to some instances and when it comes to defending and retaking controlpoints you really need some friends. But now on to the real topic: my newfound love for Warhammer Online. Lots of stuff have already been said about the mechanics of this game, so my input on the matter seems quite useless, so to speak. Right now I'm a level 17 Witch Hunter (specialized as an Inquisitor). But in my mind the game goes up and down. There are times when it feels like your Xp-progresson freezes to a standstill. When you reach about 55-65% of the Xp-bar there's almost a magical barrier that comes into play. And you really have to give it all you got to progress past that point. And it almost always result in death over and over again for your character. So what is the conclusion? It almost seems like your quests pushes you forward on the map in a faster pace than your character can handle. You travel far into highly-dangerous territories to find what you are looking for. But I think this is a minor problem that will levelout over time.
Well, I'm not the one to complain. The game and the community on the server I'm at, are great! Can't wait to get of my laptop and on to my regular computer so I can continue my quests in Ostland!

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