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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last fridays rumble in the Underhive

Once again the ChromeLords tried to take on the Sump Mercs. This time some of the members of the ChromeLords tried to hit the Mercs where it vould hurt the most - by taking out one of their Waterstills.
Since they were seriously outgunned they tried to sneak in to the encampment and take the Mercs totaly by surprise.

Dogboy, now a ganger and armed with a Boltgun (and lots of extra ammo), took the lead. The trio was covered by Gunman and his trusted heavy-stubber.
But the Mercs were waiting for them, armed mostly with Bolt-weapons and frags. And reinforcements were on the way, so Dogboy and the crew had to hurry if they were to succeed with their mission.
In the end, the Waterstill proved to be too sturdy for even Dogboys Boltershells and the crew had to fall back, since they had taken too many casualties to be able to continue the attack.

So the first game didn't go as planned. Well, since I only had half the gang on the table against all of the Mercs I could only hope to make one push at the target before I had to fall back. The push failed and I might have miscalculated the amount of firepower needed to hurt the Waterstill..

Furious with the defeat the ChromeLords mounted a fullscale attack on the Mercs. It was time for a total Gangfight!
I deployed the gang in a "classic" Van Saar gunline and started to strafe the area with gunfire, with great success! But in the end they were pushed back and had to retreat, because of a failed leadership-roll... If defeat wasn't bad enough my leader suffered a serious head-wound making him very unreliable in the future!

The ChromeLords will be back in the future, and hopefully I will be able to score some wins!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Necromunda Friday

So, tomorrow is Friday and I'm planning for another Necromunda-night. What will I bring to the table? The ChromeLords or will the Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators crawl up from the deepest holes of the Underhive?
On the other hand the ChromeLords got a bone to pick with "Captain Carnage" and his Mercs!
Looking forward to some games and if I'm lucky - I'll come out on top this time.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adeptus Mechanicus Underhive Explorer

Some time ago I posted some "Techno-ghouls" that I had been working on for some time (well, on and off for some time anyway). I couldn't find a place for them in my collection but since we started up Necromunda again I thought "why not put them all in some kind of gang".
But they needed some kind of leader, so I put together this one:

The Adeptus Mechanicus Explorer.

Armed with all the things needed for a successfull venture down in the Underhive of Necromunda, in search for forgotten Archeotech.

I bit of a detail-shot of his eye. I didn't want to give him too many bionic parts, since he's a low-level member of the order.

Another Underhive tale

Friday night was once again Necromunda-night. Just as last time it was the ChromeLords versus the Mercenaries. We had time for three games and started of with an old fashion Gangfight.

"Gunman" takes up position to provide coverfire for his advancing mates.

The Mercenaries has taken up positions inside the abandoned framework of the derelict manifactorum.

"Castor" leads some Juves against the leader of the Mercenaries as the rest of the gang climbs up the tower to get into a better position. Unfortunately "Castor" and the Juves didn't realize that the Mercenaries now sported some brand new weapons, like grenade launchers.

"Pollux" tries to lay down some cover-fire as "Castor" and "Smiley Jr." tries to fall back into cover. Their retreat was brought on by the detonation of a frag granade that downed "Smiley" and took "Dogboy" out of action.

Attacking from a high position has its advantages.

"Jailbreak" takes up a firingposition behind an empty fueldrum.
Several attempts was made to flush out the Mercs but they responded with hails of Bolter shells and frag granades. The ChromeLords took heavy casualties but held their nerve until the end. The Mercs decided to fall back. They might have lost the battle but they came out on top - since the ChromeLords took four seriously wounded casualties.

The second mission was a Scavange mission.

The theme of the game was running!
It was a race for resources as both sides tried to claim as many of the five loot counters as possible. Unfortunatly the ChromeLords only managed to grab one of them before the hail of Bolter shells and frag granades became too much for them. Running and long-range Heavy Stubber dueling became the dominant theme of this session. In the end the ChromeLords nerve failed and they bottled out of the fight.

The third and final mission of the night we played a short Shootout scenario. The ChromeLords was represented by "Castor" and the Juve "Dogboy". The ChromeLords, filled with hate for the Mercs, failed to hold their cool and went for their guns as fast as they could. Only to be gunned down by the Mercs..
In the end it was a fun night, but I'm getting a bit tired of being defeated all the time..

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lord of the Spire

Yesterday I had the opportunity to play some more Necromunda. This time myVan Saar "ChromeLords" took on a Mercenary gang of sump-pirates in a game of "Lord of the Spire".

Simple rules; climb the tower and hit the big red button! Not as easy as it sounds when the competition keeps firing at you...
The first match ended after 6 rounds, with the winning point to the Mercenaries. The first match bogged down and turned into a bit of an ordinary gang-fight, witch made the crowd happy but took a heavy toll on both sides.

For the return match both sides adopted another tactic: run for the target!
Unfortunately the vanguard of the "ChromeLords" ran into some trouble as they were nearing the tower.
"Chef" and "Castor" was taken out of action by a combination of Bolter and Heavy Stubber fire. "Ceasar" returned fire but is taken down by a Frag grenade. While he is trying to get back on his feet he is charged by "Itchy Psychobitch" from the Mercenary-gang. With her Chainsword she almost takes out one of his eyes, if it hadn't been for the "ChromeLords" medic that is...

So, all in all, it was a double failure! But the "ChromeLords" carries on and will sooner or later take revenge on the mercenaries!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Red hats in the Underhive...

The "Red Hats" are one of the more flamboyant gangs originating from the House of Delaque. Usually they sneak around in the shadows, but not the "Red Hats".
I wanted to do something more colourfull than a gang of black, grey or brown trenchcoats running around the battlefield. So I gave them hats and some more defined clothing, like striped or checkered pants.

Shotguns are also a "theme" I wanted to run with. Right now there are 3 gangers armed with shotguns as their primary weapon (the 2 above and anotherone is still in the WIP section).

Another Ganger, armed with a autogun - I'll might add some type of magazine or ammo drum to his weapon, to make it more obvious that its a autogun he's carrying.

No, it's not an assaultcannon (!), I used the original heavy stubber for another project some time ago. But when I started to reconstruct and repaint this gang I found that the assault cannon (originally from a Land speeder - I think) fits quite nicely. Anyway it's a Heavy Stubber and not an Assault Cannon...

Three more Gangers that I'm working on. I'm going to add some more details to them before I paint them. I also got a Juve, another autogun Ganger and a Heavy with a flamer that needs to be stripped of paint before I can repaint them.
I baught this gang at a convention, about 12 years ago. It was cheap a deal, but they were in an awful state. Thick layers of paint covered some of the details so I've been giving them long baths in a cleaning product for windows which tends to dissolve the paint.

I'll put in some work on this gang when I've got the time, I still need to repaint a couple of gangers for my Van Saar gang since I got a couple of games lined up for sunday.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A simple ruined shack

Yesterday I threw together this little shack.

The "wooden planks" are raided from McDonalds - the things you stirr your coffe with...

The roofing, will be painted as rusted metal, are made from cardboard, stripped from its outer layer. I also gave it dash of a mix of glue and water, to starch it a bit.

The second level of this shack can accommodate 2 or 3 minis - since there is no roof.

Well, I'm pleased with the result, but will add some more details before I paint it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Big trouble in the Underhive...

A bit on the "ChromeLords" adventures and misadventures in the Necromundan Underhive.
Part 1:
It all started with a simple Scavange mission. The gang made their way into the area in search for old, but useful junk to sell at the trading post. Everything went as planned until, from the shadows, hazy and shadow-wrapped assailants emerged. Their strange needle weapons made easy prey of the Van Saar gangers. The "ChromeLords" quickly rethought the battleplan and drove the Deviant Scum from the area, but not before they made it of with half of the useful loot.
The "ChromeLords" was left wondering what in the Emperor they just encountered…
So how could the "ChromeLords" learn more about these strange new adversaries?
Maybe we can lure them out with a caravan - the Gangleader Ceasar thought.

Which was the thing leading up to the second scenario.
The "The CromeLords" made a deal with a local Guilder to watch his caravan and maybe draw out the strange Deviants into the open.
The plan was both a bit of a success and a bit of a failure. Most of the ChromeLords got peppered with poisoned darts before they even could spot the Deviants and Castor, with his autogun, was the only one who could put one of them down.
One of the strange shadow-wrapped creatures got into the caravan area, but was only able to steal and make of with only a few credits worth of merchandise.
Luckily no Guilder was harmed during the attack.

The "ChromeLords" are still wondering who these strange intruders are…
More to come on that subject!

Part 2:
Another Scavanger mission for the "ChromeLords". This time the rumors said it might be Scavvies in the area. Just minutes into the hunt the mysterious and alien intruders emerges from the shadows and attacked the Lords.
 And from the other side of the area they could hear the tell-tale noises of the Scavvies closing in on the fight.
After a three-sided battle with the alien intruders caught in the middle the Scavvies decimated them with a well placed shot from a scatter-cannon leaving only the "ChromeLords" standing against them.
 The Lords sent forward the Juves and covered them with fire from the Heavy Stubber, taking down a Scaly and a Scavvie.

In the end the Scavvies retreated with part of the loot, leaving the "ChromeLords" as the winning gang, once again!

Part 3:
The "ChromeLords" went home with most of the loot from the scavanger hunt at the old gunk-tank. Meenwhile the Eldar Scouts plotted another attack on the Scavvie warband. An attack the went horribly wrong and almost landed the teamleader in the pot at the Scavvies encampment. But the surviving Eldar went on a daring rescuemission and against all odds managed to free their captured comrade. So the scouts slipped away into the shadows and disappeared - for this time, they might be back...

Just seconds before the Van Saar "gunline" is hit with the blast from a scattercannon...

Since there won't be any Necromunda this week I can concentrate on painting my gangs. Besides from my Van Saars I'm also working on a very colourful bunch of Delaques (pictures will be posted when later this week).

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