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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Underhive tale

Friday night was once again Necromunda-night. Just as last time it was the ChromeLords versus the Mercenaries. We had time for three games and started of with an old fashion Gangfight.

"Gunman" takes up position to provide coverfire for his advancing mates.

The Mercenaries has taken up positions inside the abandoned framework of the derelict manifactorum.

"Castor" leads some Juves against the leader of the Mercenaries as the rest of the gang climbs up the tower to get into a better position. Unfortunately "Castor" and the Juves didn't realize that the Mercenaries now sported some brand new weapons, like grenade launchers.

"Pollux" tries to lay down some cover-fire as "Castor" and "Smiley Jr." tries to fall back into cover. Their retreat was brought on by the detonation of a frag granade that downed "Smiley" and took "Dogboy" out of action.

Attacking from a high position has its advantages.

"Jailbreak" takes up a firingposition behind an empty fueldrum.
Several attempts was made to flush out the Mercs but they responded with hails of Bolter shells and frag granades. The ChromeLords took heavy casualties but held their nerve until the end. The Mercs decided to fall back. They might have lost the battle but they came out on top - since the ChromeLords took four seriously wounded casualties.

The second mission was a Scavange mission.

The theme of the game was running!
It was a race for resources as both sides tried to claim as many of the five loot counters as possible. Unfortunatly the ChromeLords only managed to grab one of them before the hail of Bolter shells and frag granades became too much for them. Running and long-range Heavy Stubber dueling became the dominant theme of this session. In the end the ChromeLords nerve failed and they bottled out of the fight.

The third and final mission of the night we played a short Shootout scenario. The ChromeLords was represented by "Castor" and the Juve "Dogboy". The ChromeLords, filled with hate for the Mercs, failed to hold their cool and went for their guns as fast as they could. Only to be gunned down by the Mercs..
In the end it was a fun night, but I'm getting a bit tired of being defeated all the time..

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