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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A simple ruined shack

Yesterday I threw together this little shack.

The "wooden planks" are raided from McDonalds - the things you stirr your coffe with...

The roofing, will be painted as rusted metal, are made from cardboard, stripped from its outer layer. I also gave it dash of a mix of glue and water, to starch it a bit.

The second level of this shack can accommodate 2 or 3 minis - since there is no roof.

Well, I'm pleased with the result, but will add some more details before I paint it.


GDMNW said...

You call it simple. I call it brilliant. I like the smashed through wall. It looks like something has just walked in through one of the walls.

PlasticFish said...

That's just the look I was hoping for!
Since we are back in game again, when it comes to Necromunda, I'm planning on building some more, and maybe less ruined shacks. I'm hoping to be able to build a small settlement to use as backdrop for our games.

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