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Monday, May 9, 2011

Lord of the Spire

Yesterday I had the opportunity to play some more Necromunda. This time myVan Saar "ChromeLords" took on a Mercenary gang of sump-pirates in a game of "Lord of the Spire".

Simple rules; climb the tower and hit the big red button! Not as easy as it sounds when the competition keeps firing at you...
The first match ended after 6 rounds, with the winning point to the Mercenaries. The first match bogged down and turned into a bit of an ordinary gang-fight, witch made the crowd happy but took a heavy toll on both sides.

For the return match both sides adopted another tactic: run for the target!
Unfortunately the vanguard of the "ChromeLords" ran into some trouble as they were nearing the tower.
"Chef" and "Castor" was taken out of action by a combination of Bolter and Heavy Stubber fire. "Ceasar" returned fire but is taken down by a Frag grenade. While he is trying to get back on his feet he is charged by "Itchy Psychobitch" from the Mercenary-gang. With her Chainsword she almost takes out one of his eyes, if it hadn't been for the "ChromeLords" medic that is...

So, all in all, it was a double failure! But the "ChromeLords" carries on and will sooner or later take revenge on the mercenaries!

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