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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New year and new builds!

I started out the new year with building some new additions to my Traitor Imperial Guard Army.
I had some spare stuff laying around so I started with making some Special Weapons Guardsmen.
First off we have some flamers, fits nicely into the theme of the army. Well I don't really have a theme, I just think flamers are wicked weapons. These three are just straight forward Cadian guardsmen with some different heads. All three of them have heads from the Warhammer Fantasy range - Flagellants to be more precise. I used a spare empty helmet and shaved a bit of plastic of the second ones head to make it a better fit.
Next up is this duo. A sniper and his spotter. With this one I now have three snipers in the army, and can make a Special weapons team with snipers if I want to. The spotter will go as another Lasgun armed guardsman in the same squad.
The kneeling parts are from the Cadian Heavy weapons teams boxed-set. The head on the left one is from the Warhammer Fantasy - Imperial Militia box. The head on the right one is from the Catachan Hq boxed-set.
Both have backpacks from the Cadian Heavy Weapons set.

Next up is The Dark Commissar(!) I thought my army needed a character who could inspire greatness/fear into them as they run to their death across the battlefield. The most interresting part in this build is the powerfist that I took from the old(!) Necromunda equipment sprue (old - yes the sprue is dated 1992). The head is one of my favorites - it's from the Imperial Flagellant sprue. So is also the bannerpole. The coat is also another favorite piece of mine - from the Imperial Militia sprue. I added a bit of armor with some GS.
I have to say that I'm very pleased with the result!

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