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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another go at my Baneblade, part 1.

As I said in my previous posting I've been putting some work into getting my old Baneblade finished. I wasn't satisfied with the outcome the first time around, so now I'm trying to fulfill the original vision I had for this project.

The picture above is a before picture. This was the tank before I started to update it.

First, I did a bit of repainting. And painted over all (!) of the brass rivets that I so painfully picked out the last time around. I also added the colours of my "Strom Renegade" Imperial Guard army, the red and yellow stripes, both on the armor and on the turret. I also, after some digging in my bitbox, found and added the storage compartments to the turret. I also found some pics on the GW site, of a Tallarn Baneblade with the muzzlebreak from the Hellhammer cannon added as a muzzlebreak to the regular Baneblade cannon. It's a simple, yet nice touch that makes it stand out a bit more.

I also added the smokelaunchers and a couple of more Nurglings (still got a few more to add). Most of the Nurglings also needs to be repainted - since most of them was painted quite hasty the first time around.

On top of the turret there will be a gunner with a heavy stubber, a screaming tankcommander and maybe a gurdsman riding along on top of the storagebins.

Right now I've focused almost all my work on the right side of the tank, both on the side and on top of it - I need to give the turret and the whole of the left side a bit more love.

A bit of a close-up on the weathering on the right side. The tracks still need to get its proper colour and it might need more "slime".
More pictures will come, as soon as I've gotten some more work done on it!

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