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Monday, October 17, 2011

Same old song

What have I been up to lateley?
Well, I've been working and in between I've been playing some games and painting some minis. I recently started up Battlefleet Gothic with some friends. It's really a project I've been working on for the past year, but never got of the ground...

Right now I got 2 Ramships (the blue ones in the front row), 3 Savage Gunships, 2 Ravager Attack Ships, 2 Kill Kroozers (the big chunky onew to the right) and 2 Terror Kroozers (well one of them is still being painted). I'm also working on a Spacehulk and some more Fighta Bomma-markers.
Since I scratchbuild all of my ships I only invest time in this project, while my friends buy ships from GW and ForgeWorld. So right now we only play 500pts games.

Here we have my 500 pts list. A Terror Kroozer, a Kill Kroozer and a trio of Savage Gunships. In the last game I opted to change my Heavy gunz batteries for torpedolaunchers with looted torpedos.
The last game was against my friends Tau-fleet and it ended in a terrible draw. Both our remaining ships tried to outmanouver eachother and after two hours we decided that we both had enough...
That game put the finger on the problem - I need more, cheap, and fast escorts!

A close-up shot of my finished Fighta Bomma-markers. Takes a long time to build but they are fun to paint!
A close-up of some markers that are still waiting to get some paint. I'm also thinking about building some torpedo- and boarding torpedo-markers.

And yes, the work on the Chaos Baneblade continues...


The GunGrave said...

Jesus, thats some serious dedication building ships that small!

They look great though!

PlasticFish said...

Well, the fighta bommas are a pain to build. But since it is Ork ships they really don't need to look that much alike. And it's really satisfying to get some painted and finished!

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