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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back in the Underhive again...

My collection of Necromunda minis have been collecting dust for many years - but not anymore! The passageway thru "The Wall" is once again open. After talking about how much we all loved the game we started to dig around for our old gangs. Back in the day when we played the game, the painting of my gangs wasn't the primary interrest. So the first thing I did a couple of weeks ago was to strip the paint of most of them and start a bit of a re-painting project. After a week of work I had as many minis ready as I needed to build me a new Van Saar gang.
As I started to finish painting the gangmembers I started to get more and more inspired about the game once again. We've played three games so far and everyone is really excitet about the game.

My gang leader, Ceasar. Leader of the "Chrome Lords". A classic conversion made from a Vindicare Assassin body.
The "core" of the gang. Three gangers with Autoguns and a Lasgun. Named Castor, Polux and the third one is still nameless...
Two Heavies, Chef is the one with the meltagun and the chainsword and Gunman is the one with the heavy stubber. Gunman still needs a bit of a repainting done to him.
A trio of Juves. The one in the blue jumpsuit is named Smiley Jr. Junior because he is the kidbrother of the original Smiley who got killed in the second scenario we played.
The Juves have proven to be an invaluable part of the gang, sneaking around and running forward to try (!) and grab the loot before anyone else could get their hands on it. The second Juve, the one with the autopistol and the stubgun is called Three-Toes, since he suffered the effects of the "old battle wound" on the serious injury chart.

More on the gangs affairs and misadventures in the following post.

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