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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not as productive as I hoped...

It has been a very long weekend, well it has been  national holidays and stuff like that, I was hoping that I could spend it building and painting. But faith didn't play it my way. I had grand plans but unfortunatly these are the only results I could come up with:

"The Huntress", I needed to add a bit more firepower to my Necromunda-collection.
A fun build, but it was hard to fit all the weapons on it. But in the end I must say I'm pleased with the result.

For some time I've been planning some additions to my "Strom"-renegade army. So I added some grenade-launchers, so I can use either flamers or grenade-launchers in my infantry squads, or field them as part of a special weapons squad.

I also started on adding some new squad-leaders to my collection. Right now all sergeants are armed with powerswords and boltpistols, a combination that has proven to be a bit overrated (since I never get them into range..) So I tried mixing some IG bits with some Daemonette bits. I'm not 100% sure about these. The Daemonette-bits put a bit more "Daemon"-feel to the army, I have to paint them and evaluate the result..

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