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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trying out the washes!

Well, I got a flash of inspiration last night. So I started on my Nurgle Daemon Prince. A project that's been on hold since the beginning of this year. I was itching to try out the new GW washes on it. Right now, what you see, is the result of a black undercoat, the armor has been painted with Orkhide to get a dark green base and all the fleshy areas has been painted with Dheneb Stone. I wanted a pale, but not white tone to work with. Then I applied a first set of washes. Some Baal Red to the fleshy parts to bring a red/pink-tone into it. After that things just went crazy and another layer of washes was applied. Ogryn Flesh to the fleshy parts and some Badab Black to the armor parts.

Next step will be to add a first set of highlights with watered-down Elf Flesh to the most distinct of the fleshy areas. Detailwork will be added as I go along.
But right now I think the new washes has spared me a lot of time on this on. Next update will show how this one looks after just 4 hours of work. Stand by for an update!

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