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Friday, July 4, 2008

An excellent addition or not?

Well, I haven’t got my greasy paws on the book yet, but I have had a chance to read some parts of it. The overall feeling about this book is, just “wow!”. This one is a big book; 258 pages full of good stuff for the Heresy. On the positive side the book is split up in different sections. Based on the different homeworlds and the different careers you have a lot of different background traits that you can add to your character. And of course you have a lot of different gear, guns and armor to choose from (yes the Hellguns/pistols and the old Gravitongun is included as is the Refractor Field). The first chapter of the book presents the “advanced character creation”-system. Here you can really add some interesting stuff to your players backgrounds. It can also add stuff that takes your campaign in the direction you want it to go. The second chapter presents different “Calixian career paths”. Here you find the rules you need to play a member of the Adepta Sororitas. And not to forget the Metallican Gunslinger. Chapters three thru six gives you information about the different types of worlds that exists, like feral worlds, war zones, hive worlds etc. Here you can find useful information about the different worlds in the Calixian Sector, superstitions, stories and different organizations that are at work on the different worlds. A nice touch is the parts in these chapters that present the different weapon and armor patterns that are in use on the different worlds. On the downside I have to say that the “Advanced character creation”-system and the “advanced careers” has a bit of cluttered feel to it, two parts of the book that comes around as kind of “uptight” in comparison with the rest of the book. But on the other hand I can’t personally say how it could be improved so I better just leave the topic right there. As I discussed in an earlier topic I was hoping for more info about Xenos but it seems like I have to be disappointed once again on that point. But there’s so much more in this book! Reading the chapters about the different worlds really sets the dark tone of the game on yet another level. But the price tag on this baby is a bit hefty! But on the other hand it’s almost 260 pages of info you get for your money!

With both “Purge the unclean” and “Inquisitors Handbook” released you can only wonder about the future of the game. What will Fantasy Flight Game do with it now? Black Industries had highflying hopes for the game and the future, so it will be highly interesting to see what Fantasy Flight Games will do with it.

This game will surely be revisited in the future!

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