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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big, bigger, Apocalypse...

Or will GW ever go “small”. Resurrect the Killteam. After the release of the “Last Chancers”-box lots of years ago there haven’t been any “smallscale” ideas from GW:s thinktank. Everything has gotten bigger and bigger. And with the launching of the Apocalypse: Reload things will certainly get even bigger. Unfortunately the new edition of the rules didn’t contain any new thoughts on Killteam-gaming, but there is a new feel about the game. There has been a change in GW:s tone towards the game. With more emphasis on the “story” and a bit less on the “hardcore rules”. The rules are not there to facilitate “I win – You Lose” but the idea of a “good game” or “Fun game”. But in the end the truth is now obvious that the, so called “Kill Team “-rules from the last edition of the rules have been stricken from the book. Instead there are now references to the ”Apocalypse”-rules. So instead of opening up for smaller games GW now opens up the door for the “big(!)” games. But in all honestly the “Apocalypse”-rules are free and without boundaries. So why not shrink it down? In the spirit of the “free form of the game” I can easily see an opening that brings back the essence of the “Killteam”. You could always follow the guidelines that you can find in the previous edition or you could just use some common sense and pitch the battle in any way you and your companions feel like.

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