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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The first "Dark Heresy" session

The first session was also a kind of testrun. To see if the game was a "keeper" or if I should put it back on the shelf. After a bit of work the final cast was made up by: a Preacher from a wartorn Imperial world. A rugged and violent ex. guardsman from a feral backwater world. And last but not least a Voidborn Psycher. The trio soon descended on the Gorgonide Mine in search for some answers and some action. The gamingsession went on in staggering steps, but it got us all to get to know the rules, the skills and the combatsystem of the game. And there were also a lot of laughs.
The Preacher learned how important a helmet can be, the Guardsman learned the joy of burstfire and the Psycher almost became a victim of "perils of the warp" - twice.

All in all both me and my players had a good time. And "Dark Heresy" will surely be on the menu a lot in the future! Also, I got my hands on both "Purge The Unclean" and "The Inquisitors Handbook", so there will be a lot of catching up the comming week.
Final score: Acolytes 1 - Mutants 0.

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