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Sunday, August 31, 2008

This summer that passed and the different projects.

This summer has been dominated by painting.

First up is the BaneBlade Tank, the biggest model I have ever taken my hand to. And I have to say that I'm pleased with the outcome - so far. I also had the chance to "field test" it during a small Apocalypse game at the local GW-store, and it kept up it's end more than well!

Not to forget is the former owner, "Imperial Tank Commander Zeus" who is still looking for his tank (without any success).

I also got a chance to start on my "New" Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour. I call it "new" because I've had it since it was released but I haven't got around to built it until now.
I'm really pleased with the powerweapon on this one. And I added a lot of stuff to the base, can you see the Nurgling?
I also got around to finish the "Hunter". The mini that I was thinking about entering into the National Painting Competition, but it wasn't finished in time. Well, now it's finished and here it is, accompanied by a Necromundan Razor Rat.

I have also added a new squad of Chosen Chaos Space Marines to my Death Guard army. And I have also started some reapainting and "reconstruction" work on some old Necromunda minis that I found stuffed away in a box some time ago. So this summer has been a productive period of time. The only distractions has been work, sleep, food and the occational raid to the local GW-store for paint and parts! But the "to do" list is still not finished... Instead more stuff has been added to it!

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