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Monday, September 1, 2008

The future, things to come etc...

Well, I'm usually not the one to run with rumors and stuff like that. But when you spend time around other gamers and builders you are bound to get your fair share of rumors from the mill, so to speak. Today my topic is the future. Well, I've visited this topic on a regular basis in the past but I try not to put to much value in them. As I see it rumors are just rumors until they are confirmed. But let's not talk about rumors but more concrete facts about the future. So what are the facts? Well, we got the SM Drop pods - it started out as a rumor but now it seems like we are going to have to pay the price for a "Rhino" to get one of these kits. It also means that you don't have to blast holes in you wallet (read: order from Forge World). And in my ears that's just about right. The new edition of the rules, that puts all the weight on Troops will make the drop pod a nice strategic choice. It will give the Space Marines that edge that you can expect from a Marine type of force. So as I see it, I see my old plans for a "Blood Angels"-army taking form once again. Another interresting project on the horizon is the "remake" (or new edition if you like) of the Imperial Guards Codex. Some sources say that you are going to be able to use more Armour in your army. And that's always nice. Not that I'm working on, or going to start an IG army anytime soon (but you never know).
Fall and the following winter will be an interresting time to say the least!

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