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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Space Marines, part 2, Chapter doubts.

Well, I'm starting to doubt my initial planning for the "Black Reach"-marines. Ever since I played the "old" PS2-game "Fire Warrior" I've had a minor crush on the Raptors Chapter. Maybe it's because I hated them so much when I played the game or just because I like their green armour so much. Initially I was thinking of going for the "Blood Angels"-chapter, because I already have a Tactical and a Scout Squad painted. But right now I can't shake the thought on painting some Raptors (not the Chaos ones!, this time).

On the other hand, painting some Raptors also means that I have to make my own transfer-sheets for the chaptersymbol. In other words, some photoshopping and some of that special paper should take care of that!

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