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Friday, June 6, 2008

The new GW washes!

I had the heavenly experience to try out the new GW washes at the local GW-store today!
And after reading the latest issue of White Dwarf, I have to say that I was curious to say the least. And to continue on the same line: all the things they say about this new product is true! And GW is not paying me to say this about their product. The experience is a lot different from using the, now, old GW inks. The coolest thing about them is:

1) The washes dont "pool up" on the surface, like the inks could do if you used to little water.
2) You can, without problem layer the washes, a lot of times, without risk damaging the underlaying washlayer or the underlaying paint.
When it dries, the wash dries with a matt finish.
4) It seems that the wash can be applied with a lot less "drying time" in between layers of wash and layers of paint.
5) The different washes can easily be mixed together and thinned with water.

But there are some things that you must remember about them:
1) Use much more wash on your brush than you think from the beginning.
2) It tends to "pool up" on flat surfaces (but this can create a cool effect in some cases).
3) Apply the wash and let gravity do the job! Don't try and brush it, just apply it.
Now on to the sad part. Due to "delivery mixups" I won't be able to get my hands on these goodies on the release day, which is tomorrow! And that's big time bad! Now I have to wait until I can get my hands on them.

So from now on, these are on the top of my wish-list!

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