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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Read more books, it's good for you!

There are lots of books out there, set inside the frame of different games. Most notoriuos, in my mind is the campaign-world of Forgotten Realms and other Wizard Of The Coast creations. Personaly I have avoided the whole "Drizzt-craze", but the last years I have found a few good books set in the Warhammer 40K-universe. My love for the Necromunda-game got my eyes on the book "Status: Deadzone" back in 2001. It's a collection of different stories "from the Underhive" and I can really recommend it, if you're a fan of Necromunda. This one really brings the dirty and dangerous life in the Underhive to life!
When I'm still on the subject of the Hiveworld of Necromunda I feel that I have to continue down that line for a while. A lot of people praise the character "Kal Jericho" and the tales about his adventure. But so far I'm not 100% impressed.
Right now I've just finished reading the "Blood-royal"-story. And for me, Will McDermott and Gordon Rennies story comes across a bit to blurred.
Everything moves in a rapid speed. And there are a lot of characters to keep track of. But I realized, a few pages into the story that you might get more out of the story if you read more of the stories containing Kal Jericho and his "friends". Well, I feel that my misstake was to jump directly into the fire. I should have opted to read the story: "Cardinal Crimson" before I started on "Blood Royal". But in my personal opinion the stories about Kal is easily outplayed by other stories from the underhive of Necromunda, like "Salvation", by C S Goto. A story that really puts the administration of the hive-world into a whole new perspective. It's Kafkas nightmare realized!

And it's all in those dark, fun, details that the Hive-world of Necromunda comes alive! I could spend the rest of the day talking about the books, but I won't. Get your hands on them and read them instead! Personaly I'm off to "Lasgun wedding", by Will McDermott. Maybe it will change my mind about Kal Jericho and his "friends"! (I sure hope so).

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