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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My biggest enemy is "being bored", and to prevent that I start all kinds of projects. Last week and the following weekend was just like that. I've had it in my mind for a while but it wasn't until last week that I started the amphibian landingcraft, that goes under the name of "Platipus" (reactions on the name is known to me, and it's not a misspelling but a synonym to; platypus). My greatest inspiration when it comes to this one is, as usual, The Discovery Channel. This build is kind of "useless", at least in an "in-game point of view". Landingcrafts seems to be reserved for planetary-landings and not so much in the "take the beach"-point of view. So I thought; why not at least build one for my Imperial Guard Killteam.

"The Platipus Landingcraft" - before the camo was applied.
The overall size of the frame and the turret is a straight rippoff from the Chimera-transport. So it's not a big build. I might even get around to build a captain for this transport. So after this build I jumped on the chance of building something bigger. Late fri... no early saturday morning I started on my other scratchbuilding challange; The Chaos Land Raider.

I'll only show it from the "good-side" right now... And there's still a lot of work to be done here. There are multiple gaps in the armor that needs GS-work and the hull itself needs more details. The HeavyBolters need a lot of work and the LasCannons needs a lot more details - so far it's just the basics done on them. The next challange that this project presents is the painting. The fact that the primary material that I used is cardboard and (heavy duty) plastics makes me wonder if the paint is going to warp the whole of it. But it's got a stable core of plastic so if I used enough glue, the cardboard might just stay in place... I also added some nifty little details, like the magnet on the roof of the hull. This opens up for the possibility to have interchanging turrets on top of it. Right now I'm planning on adding a turret with a heavy-duty cannon and a missilerack that puts a Whirlwind-tank to shame. Some options that might be usefull in a game on a "Apocalyptic-level". But right now there is still a lot of work to be done. Later next week might be a good time for the next update on this project, I might even slap on some paint until then.

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