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Friday, April 11, 2008

To build or not to build...

– that is the big question.
My biggest problem when it comes to building stuff is my short span of attention. The other day I was reading the Imperial Armor update for Apocalypse, from ForgeWorld. And I spent some time afterwards trying to calculate the size and measurements of the Chaos HellBlade and HellTalon aircrafts. But I stopped after a while, after realizing that my measurements couldn’t be right. The HellBlade became a lot bigger than I expected it to be. So after putting it aside I tried to shake the urge of building something big. Well, the BaneBlade is a nice kit, but I would punch an even bigger hole in my economy if I ever bought one. So what to do? Why this urge to build big? I blame it all on the Apocalypse expansion (!). After looking over my ongoing projects I think that finishing what you start is the way to go. So I made a list. With all the projects that I have going on right now. And the next step will be to finish them one by one, before I start on a new one.

Finishing my DeathGuards is my top priority. But it’s not “fun”. It’s just green, brown, and some more slippery, slimy paint to slap on. Not to speak about the Nurgle DaemonPrince that is sitting on the shelf, unpainted. Maybe it’s been sitting there for so long because I don’t like painting big models. A lesson learned from painting a Rat Ogre, for my Mordheim Skaven Warband some years ago (The same RatOgre that I trying to convert into a big Chaos Spawn). After the Rat Ogre it took me some years before I tried bigger models again. This time it was the Chaos Rhino that I sunk my teeth into. And it wasn’t as problematic as the Rat Ogre, for several reasons. The first one is that a Rhino consist mostly of flat surfaces, not so many big and intricate details. In contrast to this, The Daemon Prince is the completely opposite model to paint. Big and full of details. Well, maybe I’m just lazy. But there are more interesting models to finish before I get to the Daemon Prince. But the new rules for the Daemon Prince, in the latest addition of the Codex: Chaos Space Marines, makes it a highly powerful addition to the army. If I’m ever going to finish the Death Guard additions that I already have started then I have to finish the Chosen squad and the Terminator Squad. And because my mind is still set on something bigger I’m contemplating adding one or more tanks to the army. And once again these thoughts are those that in the end will put great dents in my economy. But on the other side, the tax returns are soon to arrive, so maybe there will be some tanks for the army after all…
But the latest idea I got into my head was to build a small Lost & Damned army (just 500pts) but this idea is constantly being overrun by the thoughts that maybe I should wait until the new Codex: Daemons arrive (the new plastic Daemonette-kits are sweet!). And in the meantime I should really try and finish all the other projects I’ve started!
I tend to put everything I build and paint into “projects”. The only problem is that a “project” is something that run for a particular length of time and then is finished and closed. So in the essence of “the project”, I have promised myself to finish one “project” before I start another one. So in accordance with this post I have made, and posted my list of “projects” on this page. Now the next step is to follow the list!

Easier said than done…

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