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Monday, April 14, 2008

Old school or "specialist games", part 1

The coming of the Necromunda-game really launched me back into the hobby head on, a couple of years ago. Me and some friends had grand plans (don’t we ever!). The plan was this great Underhive-campaign. And we had all the gangs in the Hive represented. Including the Scavvies and the Redemptionists. I think we played a couple of games and then we moved on to other games, as usual. But meanwhile I had collected a sizeable Van Saar force. Since then there has been almost one game played each year (or any other year, maybe). Just writing about it, makes me want to break out the old gangs and fight it out one more time! Sad to say I never jumped on the BloodBowl-wagon. My friends played it, with great success, bone grinding and all! Epic 40K was also one of those games that I didn’t get my teeth into. With the launching of Mordheim me and a friend had great plans for the new game (all these plans!). Early on I planned out and started to build a small but ferocious Skaven warband. But the plans grinded to a halt. None of the warbands got any further than undercoating. And since then the boxed set of Mordheim have been collecting dust in one of my cabinets. Most of the parts have by this date been scavanged for other projects, such as the Hrud for the Ordo Xenos-project.

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