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Monday, April 14, 2008

The "Ordo Xenos project"-First update.

Well, I’m no avid reader of the different novels that appears on the market from time to time. I started to pitch some ideas I had about building a Ordo Xenos warband, just for show (or maybe as a KillTeam-thing), and suddenly a whole lot of ideas started to trickle in. Most of them came from people that had read the books about Inquisitor Ravenor (by Dan Abnett). Well, he’s from the Ordo Xenos so maybe it wasn’t so strange that it came up in the discussions, so to speak. But there seems to be some discussion on different forums about the usage of aliens and subhumans inside the Ordo Xenos itself. As GW hasn’t released any Codex for an Ordo Xenos army, the interpretation on the subject is a bit open. Ok, sure, the Xenos all have to be eradicated from the Imperium of Man, but what’s to say that you can’t use the aliens own knowledge to fight the aliens? I mean the Radicals of the Ordo Maleus employ Daemon Hosts in their battle against the forces of the Warp – so why is there such a fuss when you add some Xenos to an Inquisitors’ retinue? I say “Know Thy Enemy” - and know them well!

I call my newest project “an interpretation” or “my take on the Ordo Xenos”. And it’s a “Radical” interpretation to say the least. My plan is to update this project as it goes along, but here are the basics and the progress so far.

First of we have the Inquisitor himself, right now he is a nameless on that goes under the name of "XX". Dressed in power armor and equipped with all the gizmos he will ever need to extract useful “things” (like information) and liquids from the aliens he encounter.

Next we have the mercenary Ork, a “Blood Axe”-merc selling his services to the Inquisitor. And yes it is needed to keep him on a leash.

Next up is one of the “enigmatic and nocturnal” Hrud. All my research into this one has yielded very little result, so this one is a pure interpretation of mine, based on the old picture in the XX editon rulebook.

The latest addition to xx:s retinue is this Imperial Guard Veteran of the Afriel Strain:

This one is still in the first stage of painting. And as this project is not "by the book" I see no problem in adding him to the retinue. (If you follow the rules you will see that you cannot ally Arfriel Strain Imperial Guards with the different Ordos, but my Inquisitor is way past such details).

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