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Monday, April 7, 2008

Dawn of War: Soul Storm

Got my hands on the new Dawn of War: Soul Storm the other day. And once again I'm on the brink of getting a stressed out heart attack by playing these real-time strategic games. But on the bright side the level of detail is as usual stunning. I started of by playing the Imperial Guard in campaign-mode just to realise that the new Sisters of Battle is a hard foe to beat! So after giving them a fair chance and some hours of gametime the great Imperial Guard grinded to a halt. But instead of throwing the game in the trash I went back to the basics and picked up the Blood Ravens storyline. As I said before the RTS-based games are a bit too stressfull for my taste and to complicate matters the different upgrades and abilities of the individual units can make the game a bit confusing to say the least. So often, in the heat of the battle, you just use the massed Bolter-fire, the marines standardattacks, to scythe down your enemies! Right now I have just exterminated the Orks from the first planet so there is still a long way to go, and a lot of concentrated hours of gameplay left! Next step: Exterminate The Tau!

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