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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daemonhunters under way

At the same time that I'm fiddling with my Death Guards I'm also building on a Daemonhunter army. The main theme is based around cybernetics and mechanical upgrades that border on heresy...
Honestly, this army is not on the top-ten "most holy"-list and other Inquisitors from the Ordo surely bould love to take them out. But as I see it: You need to use any means at your disposal when you go head to head with Daemons.

First of we have the Inquisitor Lord himself:

Followed by some closecombat servitors, also known as "The Grim Brothers":

We will also need some firesupport:

You can't go wrong with more henchmen, especially if they are augmentet in some way.
But you need atleast another Inquisitor in your gang:

Sure, you need a lot more henchmen, but most of the Gunservitors are still undergoing painting.
Moving on from the HQ-section to the troops, we have the Private Army of the Inquisitor Lord, some Hellgun armed StormTroopers (still missing the officer and the whole second squad):

Well, you don't go radical without some Daemonic allies, in this case we have the "Ghost in the Machine":

As I love Assassins I also have the option of adding either the Eversor, Callidus, Vindicare or the DeathCult Assassins to the army.

Well, there are still a lot more to do and a lot more troops to add. But I'm on a tight budget and this army is my so called "petproject" so I'm not going to add any GreyKnights or stuff like that. The only marines I'm planning on using are some BloodAngel allies.
Well this is just a small part of the Tactical Team I'm planning on using. There's also a squad of Scouts comming along.
As I build more than I paint and paint more than I play this army is still a long way from being playtested. Well this army is not going to be a hardhitter in any game. I'm just trying to build it in accordance to my original theme and idea.

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