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Sunday, March 30, 2008

DeathGuard - my primary army.

About two years ago I started to build a serious army. I started out with 500 pts, just to have some fun with my friends. After some considerations I decided to build me a Death Guard army. But I was low on cash so I stated to look thru my entire inventory of bits for some usable bits and pieces.
The result was a strange collection of Ork-, (Really) old Space Marine-bits and some green-stuff. So the first 500 pts of this army are a strange looking bunch of Chaos Spacemarines. But I like them, they got character. Things have progressed during the two last years and I have added some more squads of Chaos Space marines, Terminators, Havocs etc. I also bought the Nurgle DaemonPrince (but it's still sitting unpainted on a shelf). Until it's finished I'm using the Chaos Lord in Termi-armor.

He used to be a (metal) Chaos Terminator with Assault Cannon, now he's a walking piece of assimilated flesh...

But the latest edition of the "Codex: Chaos Space Marines" did put a dent in the planning of my army. The squad of Possessed got converted into a squad of highly-mutated DeathGuards. Just because I didn't really wanted to tear their weapons away from them... The update also opened up for some more heavy weapons-options. But I stick to the "old-school"-setup with flamers, melta- and plasmaguns as support-weapons.

The Havoc-squad also got a Rhino, which is the only vehicle in the army so far. This army is an ongoing project. And there are still some new terminators and Chaos Space Marines that need some paint...

Well, the DeathGuards is an ongoing project...

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