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Sunday, March 30, 2008

A thing for Assassins.

I have to say that I do have a thing for Assassins 40K-style. A couple of years back I planned to paint all things Assassin I could lay my hands on. Including Warhammer Fantasy Battles Skaven and Dark Elfs assassins. My great plans also included the Inq. scale Eversor assassin.
But somewhere down the line my grand plans just went up in smoke. After reading both the old and the latest Codex:Assassins, over and over again, I feel a bit sorry when I searched the Black Library website for any books/novels on the topic. Sure there are assassins in an asortment of books/novels but none (that I could find) that told the story of these hidden Imperial agents.
Especially sad to see, when you read the short stories in the Codexes, about the Assassin Wars and so on. In my opinion a book/novel about the Assassin Wars that followed the old grandmasters death and the powerstruggle within the administratum vould be a bestseller. Well, a must buy, for me anyway! But hey(!) I might be wrong here - please put me straight if I am!

I never really liked the GW Callidus-model, so why not make use of some Eldar-bits, a spare Vindicare head and a piece from the Culexus-model? The result can be seen here to the right.
This one was painted several years ago and I think I more or less destroyed it when I used some Gloss varnish on her... Anyway, I call her "Mother Gullet", a name taken from the Codex. She was supposed to have some hair in the back of her head but my GS skills wasn't up to the task.
But there is only one Assassin that really does it for me: The Eversor. The One and only Killing Machine!

Think I will be building more of these killing-machines. Especially after reading about the "Officio Assassinorum Execution Force" for the Apocalypse expansion...

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