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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The KillTeam-project.

The KillTeam-project started for one and a half years ago. My initial thought was to create a small squad, Killteam-style, for each of the 40K armies. But right now the work has grinded to a halt.

The Ork Killteam was the first, and the most fun team I have created so far. From the left we have an old(!) Space Marines rocket launcer, next is "Flashlight", "Dakka-Dakka" and the close combat expert "Ol' One-eye". "Sarge" is the one with the insanely large bomb and the last one is "Techboy" communications and techsupport.

Next up is the Imperial Guard team. Not as fun as the Orks to build but they come in at a second place and I'm really pleased how thay turned out. It's no secret that the "Last Chansers" was a inspiration for these ones.
First up, from the left we have the ammo-carrier. With the "not so fun" job to carry the ammo for the Heavy Bolter. Next up is the Heavy Bolter-gunner. Looking close you can see his Goliath-heritage. Next up is the leader of the team, armed with chainsword and a Boltpistol. After the leader we have the Voxcaster-carrier. Next in line is the weapons-specialist armed with a granadelauncher and last, but not least, the sneaky one. Armed with closecombat-weapons and Laspistol. This one also has a distinct ex Hive-ganger appearance, he's an ex Orlock-ganger.

Space Marines from the Blood-Angels Chapter makes upp the third Killteam. With the cyberheavy Sgt. in the middle. It is almost impossible to create a Blood Angels Killteam without having to acknowledge the existance of the "Blood Quest"-series.

The KillTeam Project is still under way, and the Tau is next on the list!

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