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Sunday, March 30, 2008

At last!

Well, it took me some hunting before I got my hands on the "Dark Heresy"-rulebook. Some hunting that resulted in some financial setbacks, but just temporary (like only eating rice and frozen vegies for a week). But in my opinion it was worth it! The layout of this book was mindblowing (or just like I had imagined that a 40K-rpg should be).

The following production-squabble that Black Industries later announced was saddening news but I really don't have a clue right now how things are looking for the future of the game right now. But that's a whole other story.

Right now I'm trying to grasp the "Calixis Sector" setting. Scribbling down campaign-ideas and trying to convince my friends that "come on! it's really a great, but dark, game!".

And: yes, it's starting to get thru to them. Just need to educate them in the "40K World". Because we mostly play "ADD:Forgotten Realms", "d20: Modern" and "d20: Cybernet" kickstarting a "Dark Heresy"-campaign will be gaming in a highly different setting.
A great tip to anyone who are a fan of "Dark Heresy", or just a fan
of the Inquisition is: Read Sandy Mitchells "Scourge The Heretic".
A dark tale, which take the reader thrue a twisting tale. My first opinion of this book was: "disappointment". I was in the mood for some high octane violance - twin boltpistol-blasting, etc.
But after a while I couldn't close the book. The twisting tale takes the reader thrue different settings and as a roleplayer you really get the feeling that the Acolytes in the story could just as easily been a group of players moving from one clue to another.
"Scourge the Heretic" is a must-read for both future players and Game-masters when it comes to the "Dark Heresy"-rpg.

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