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Friday, April 11, 2008

Fantasy Flight Games - "Dark Heresy" !

Fantasy Flight Games has finally gotten a grip on “Dark Heresy” and launched it onto their website. As usual you have the introduction of the game, forum, downloads (game aids, maps, character sheets etc.) you also have the production lineup. And I have to say that it’s looking promising. One book in particular feels like a “must-buy”, when it’s released. The Inquisitorial Handbook!
To cite the original text:” Ready your bolter and fulfil your destiny!” (Ok after reading the core rulebook and the Scourge the Heretic-novel, I would say “Ready your BOLTERS…” at the least).
“The Inquisitor's Handbook is the essential tome for creating richly developed, properly equipped, and thoroughly indoctrinated Acolytes to serve the God-Emperor. It covers everything needed to create a unique character in the 41st Millennium and is suitable for both players and Game Masters.”
“Explore advanced character generation, alternative ranks, and career paths including Black Priests of Maccabeus, Metallican Gunslingers (more Bolter shells in the air,please!), and Adepta Sororitas.”
“Equip yourself with a host of weapons and gear from across the forges, hives, and warzones of the Calixis Sector (this part I like, and I think it’s the most appealing part for my players). “
“Develop rich character backgrounds with in-depth commentary on the Calixis Sector, ranging from religion and superstition to unique tools and resources of the Holy Ordos.”
“Discover hints and tips on establishing alter egos, gaining new contacts and informants, and other detailed advice for agents of the Golden Throne. “
Well, this will be sweet, let’s check the price tag: $44.95, *sigh* another week of rice and frozen vegetables. But I think that it will be worth it!

Fantasy Flight Games "Dark Heresy"-page can be found at: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/dark-heresy/index.shtml .

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