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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daemonhunters under way

At the same time that I'm fiddling with my Death Guards I'm also building on a Daemonhunter army. The main theme is based around cybernetics and mechanical upgrades that border on heresy...
Honestly, this army is not on the top-ten "most holy"-list and other Inquisitors from the Ordo surely bould love to take them out. But as I see it: You need to use any means at your disposal when you go head to head with Daemons.

First of we have the Inquisitor Lord himself:

Followed by some closecombat servitors, also known as "The Grim Brothers":

We will also need some firesupport:

You can't go wrong with more henchmen, especially if they are augmentet in some way.
But you need atleast another Inquisitor in your gang:

Sure, you need a lot more henchmen, but most of the Gunservitors are still undergoing painting.
Moving on from the HQ-section to the troops, we have the Private Army of the Inquisitor Lord, some Hellgun armed StormTroopers (still missing the officer and the whole second squad):

Well, you don't go radical without some Daemonic allies, in this case we have the "Ghost in the Machine":

As I love Assassins I also have the option of adding either the Eversor, Callidus, Vindicare or the DeathCult Assassins to the army.

Well, there are still a lot more to do and a lot more troops to add. But I'm on a tight budget and this army is my so called "petproject" so I'm not going to add any GreyKnights or stuff like that. The only marines I'm planning on using are some BloodAngel allies.
Well this is just a small part of the Tactical Team I'm planning on using. There's also a squad of Scouts comming along.
As I build more than I paint and paint more than I play this army is still a long way from being playtested. Well this army is not going to be a hardhitter in any game. I'm just trying to build it in accordance to my original theme and idea.

A thing for Assassins.

I have to say that I do have a thing for Assassins 40K-style. A couple of years back I planned to paint all things Assassin I could lay my hands on. Including Warhammer Fantasy Battles Skaven and Dark Elfs assassins. My great plans also included the Inq. scale Eversor assassin.
But somewhere down the line my grand plans just went up in smoke. After reading both the old and the latest Codex:Assassins, over and over again, I feel a bit sorry when I searched the Black Library website for any books/novels on the topic. Sure there are assassins in an asortment of books/novels but none (that I could find) that told the story of these hidden Imperial agents.
Especially sad to see, when you read the short stories in the Codexes, about the Assassin Wars and so on. In my opinion a book/novel about the Assassin Wars that followed the old grandmasters death and the powerstruggle within the administratum vould be a bestseller. Well, a must buy, for me anyway! But hey(!) I might be wrong here - please put me straight if I am!

I never really liked the GW Callidus-model, so why not make use of some Eldar-bits, a spare Vindicare head and a piece from the Culexus-model? The result can be seen here to the right.
This one was painted several years ago and I think I more or less destroyed it when I used some Gloss varnish on her... Anyway, I call her "Mother Gullet", a name taken from the Codex. She was supposed to have some hair in the back of her head but my GS skills wasn't up to the task.
But there is only one Assassin that really does it for me: The Eversor. The One and only Killing Machine!

Think I will be building more of these killing-machines. Especially after reading about the "Officio Assassinorum Execution Force" for the Apocalypse expansion...

The KillTeam-project.

The KillTeam-project started for one and a half years ago. My initial thought was to create a small squad, Killteam-style, for each of the 40K armies. But right now the work has grinded to a halt.

The Ork Killteam was the first, and the most fun team I have created so far. From the left we have an old(!) Space Marines rocket launcer, next is "Flashlight", "Dakka-Dakka" and the close combat expert "Ol' One-eye". "Sarge" is the one with the insanely large bomb and the last one is "Techboy" communications and techsupport.

Next up is the Imperial Guard team. Not as fun as the Orks to build but they come in at a second place and I'm really pleased how thay turned out. It's no secret that the "Last Chansers" was a inspiration for these ones.
First up, from the left we have the ammo-carrier. With the "not so fun" job to carry the ammo for the Heavy Bolter. Next up is the Heavy Bolter-gunner. Looking close you can see his Goliath-heritage. Next up is the leader of the team, armed with chainsword and a Boltpistol. After the leader we have the Voxcaster-carrier. Next in line is the weapons-specialist armed with a granadelauncher and last, but not least, the sneaky one. Armed with closecombat-weapons and Laspistol. This one also has a distinct ex Hive-ganger appearance, he's an ex Orlock-ganger.

Space Marines from the Blood-Angels Chapter makes upp the third Killteam. With the cyberheavy Sgt. in the middle. It is almost impossible to create a Blood Angels Killteam without having to acknowledge the existance of the "Blood Quest"-series.

The KillTeam Project is still under way, and the Tau is next on the list!

At last!

Well, it took me some hunting before I got my hands on the "Dark Heresy"-rulebook. Some hunting that resulted in some financial setbacks, but just temporary (like only eating rice and frozen vegies for a week). But in my opinion it was worth it! The layout of this book was mindblowing (or just like I had imagined that a 40K-rpg should be).

The following production-squabble that Black Industries later announced was saddening news but I really don't have a clue right now how things are looking for the future of the game right now. But that's a whole other story.

Right now I'm trying to grasp the "Calixis Sector" setting. Scribbling down campaign-ideas and trying to convince my friends that "come on! it's really a great, but dark, game!".

And: yes, it's starting to get thru to them. Just need to educate them in the "40K World". Because we mostly play "ADD:Forgotten Realms", "d20: Modern" and "d20: Cybernet" kickstarting a "Dark Heresy"-campaign will be gaming in a highly different setting.
A great tip to anyone who are a fan of "Dark Heresy", or just a fan
of the Inquisition is: Read Sandy Mitchells "Scourge The Heretic".
A dark tale, which take the reader thrue a twisting tale. My first opinion of this book was: "disappointment". I was in the mood for some high octane violance - twin boltpistol-blasting, etc.
But after a while I couldn't close the book. The twisting tale takes the reader thrue different settings and as a roleplayer you really get the feeling that the Acolytes in the story could just as easily been a group of players moving from one clue to another.
"Scourge the Heretic" is a must-read for both future players and Game-masters when it comes to the "Dark Heresy"-rpg.

DeathGuard - my primary army.

About two years ago I started to build a serious army. I started out with 500 pts, just to have some fun with my friends. After some considerations I decided to build me a Death Guard army. But I was low on cash so I stated to look thru my entire inventory of bits for some usable bits and pieces.
The result was a strange collection of Ork-, (Really) old Space Marine-bits and some green-stuff. So the first 500 pts of this army are a strange looking bunch of Chaos Spacemarines. But I like them, they got character. Things have progressed during the two last years and I have added some more squads of Chaos Space marines, Terminators, Havocs etc. I also bought the Nurgle DaemonPrince (but it's still sitting unpainted on a shelf). Until it's finished I'm using the Chaos Lord in Termi-armor.

He used to be a (metal) Chaos Terminator with Assault Cannon, now he's a walking piece of assimilated flesh...

But the latest edition of the "Codex: Chaos Space Marines" did put a dent in the planning of my army. The squad of Possessed got converted into a squad of highly-mutated DeathGuards. Just because I didn't really wanted to tear their weapons away from them... The update also opened up for some more heavy weapons-options. But I stick to the "old-school"-setup with flamers, melta- and plasmaguns as support-weapons.

The Havoc-squad also got a Rhino, which is the only vehicle in the army so far. This army is an ongoing project. And there are still some new terminators and Chaos Space Marines that need some paint...

Well, the DeathGuards is an ongoing project...

So it begins...

Well, so it begins. After posting all my creations on the Work In Progress-board I decided that it was time to create a more comprehensive collection of my work. And I had been thinking about starting a Blog for some time. So why not kill to birds with one stone and combine the two ideas into one.
Future plans consist of posting my finished projects as well as those that are in the making. And while I'm at it, why not throw in some thoughts and comments on gaming (in all its forms) as the ideas pop into my head. And if I'm fortunate, if the gods of creativity and time is on my side, I also hope to publish my upcomming comic.

But that's a big if right now...

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