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Monday, March 15, 2010

Magnetized Traitor Sentinel

I've been working on this one instead of watching the paint dry on my Land Raider. And this is the progress as of last night. I have opted for a discreet paintjob, with only the Chaos-star on the left side to signify it's allegiance.
This is the first mini ever that I've tried to magnetize. I have used a small magnet that I found in a FOW tank-kit. Since I didn't find any use for them there I'll be using them to magnetize the weapons on my comming Sentinel Squadron for my Traitor army:

Heavy Flamer, Lascannon, Plasmacannon, Autocannon and Missile Launcher are all fitted with a small metalstrip, so it can easily lock into place.

the other Kevin said...

Magnetizing the sentinel is the best way to go, and a great "learner" for a magnetizing "how to."
If you have small magnets, you can use them to mount the lascannon and multi-laser power supplies. I've yet to figure out how otherwise.

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