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Friday, September 26, 2008

The scouts have arrived!

Added a group of scouts to the army.

Here we have all five of them. Four snipers and a rocket launcher. I also added som gs-work on them, as you can see.

The gs-work on the kneeling snipers foot is a small detail that I first added to an Ork back in the "Ordo Xenos project". A small but nice detail, in my opinion. More gs cammo netting will be added to the rifles.

The scout sgt. yelling out the next target assigned for obliteration! I'm also going to add a Teleport Homer on a separate base.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New stuff to add!

Decided to add some scouts to the army. 4 snipers and a rocketlauncher to start with. I'm also considering repainting my Bloodangel-scouts from a while back.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I haven't posted anything here in a while. I've been all too busy working on the "Raptors".
Ever tried to play "Tabula Rasa" or "Guild Wars" on a laptop??? I have... Painful but workable under the right circumstances. Other than that I'm into Mercenaries 2 right now! Great game. Like GTA but with more guns and more tanks! Not to forget the airstrikes and bunkerbusters...


Did some painting last week, and this is the result. I'm still working on the Tactical Marines.

The "tactical"-markings are a bit too white right now. It needs a layer of brown wash and some watered down bleached bone colour. Or just some bleached bone...

A close-up on two of them. The eagle on the chest is going to be in silver/metal. The Bolters are going to be washed with black or brown before I add some highlights. The lens on the scope will be blue or red (haven't decided yet).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

green, green, green...

*gah!* All this green paint is starting to get to me... But all chapter badges are in place and I have started on the detailwork. Right now there aren't any pics but I think I will post some later this week.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wash, wash, wash, all those little marines...

Right now all the Tactical Marines are ready for some washing. And if all works out they will all be ready, with Chapter Markings, for the detail work tomorrow!
I found out that the best way to get the markings right, with the clear-paper, was to exclude the left shoulderpad in the washing-process.
I almost forgot: the Dreads are now basecoated (black).

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Marked Raptors

Just trying out the new chapter markings.

It was harder to get them into place than I first thought but practice makes perfect, I think...
Ok, only 15 more Tactical Marines to go... And not to forget 10 Terminators...

Chapter Markings in the making!

After some fiddling with my inkjet and a bit of help with Illustrator I got these babies printed and ready! Printed on clear-paper, just add water and voila!

Green Tactical Marines

So now all tactical marines are in the green, so to speak. Basecoated, armor colour and washed. Next up is details and high-lights.

First wash.

Here's the same, as the earlier one on the right. I just added some Devlan Mud-wash. Just so I can see if it's the right one to use. And I think I'm on the right track for now.

A bit of paint...

First paint on the minis, to try out some colours. To the left is the undercoated version and to the right the same but with some added Cammo Green.

So it begins!

Right out of the box, so to speak. This is the Space Marines from two "Assault on Black Reach"-boxes. It's also the backbone in my new Space Marine army.

All those empty bases are for the terminators.

Space Marines, part 4, Raptors Chapter Production blog.

I have started the work on my Raptors Chapter Space Marines. That also means that I've started my so called Raptors Chapter production blog, so I can document my work a little better.
The production blog can be found at http://raptorschapter.blogspot.com/ .

Friday, September 5, 2008

Space Marines, part 3, No more doubt...

There will be no more doubt, officially anyway, about the Chapter of my upcomming Space Marines. They are going to be members of the Raptors Chapter. Outfitted for jungle (or maybe desert warfare), Armageddon- or Taros- veterans vould be cool. Anyway this build is going to be a good one! And it's a break away from my usual Chaos stuff. I also enlisted some help and all I need right now is some clear-paper to print my new Raptors-transfersheets! A detail that will save me a lot of time and angst during the comming week! If everything works out as planned I will have them "up, up and away!" at the end of next week!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Space Marines, part 2, Chapter doubts.

Well, I'm starting to doubt my initial planning for the "Black Reach"-marines. Ever since I played the "old" PS2-game "Fire Warrior" I've had a minor crush on the Raptors Chapter. Maybe it's because I hated them so much when I played the game or just because I like their green armour so much. Initially I was thinking of going for the "Blood Angels"-chapter, because I already have a Tactical and a Scout Squad painted. But right now I can't shake the thought on painting some Raptors (not the Chaos ones!, this time).

On the other hand, painting some Raptors also means that I have to make my own transfer-sheets for the chaptersymbol. In other words, some photoshopping and some of that special paper should take care of that!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Next step on my Nurgle Daemonprince.

Some more paint on my Daemonprince of Nurgle! My experimenting with the GW washes and some highlighting has gotten me this far in the process. I still have the arms to get going on, but that's a whole other issue. Here I started out with some watered down Gnarloc Green for the armour and some watered down elfflesh on the fleshy parts. I'm going for a blue colour on the cloth. Not really a "standard" colour with Nurgle but I like the blue, and the shadings you can do with it. There are still several boils and bruises that need some paint and in the end I think I need to re-base him. Just to add some sand to this base vould be kind of boring.

Space Marines, part 1, the planning

Last week I signed up for the "Black Reach"-box, but I was a bit reluctant and I wasn't really sure if I really wanted it or not. Well, after reading the latest issue of White Dwarf I have finaly decided that it is an excellent start on a new army. I already got two squads, a good start, on a "Blood Angels" army, a Scout Squad and a Tactical Squad. So the "Black Reach"-box will come in handy. And the comming of the Drop pods will, as I have stated earlier, be an excellent and effective addition. So the planning is for now: get the "Black Reach"-box on saturday and a lot of red paint.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The future, things to come etc...

Well, I'm usually not the one to run with rumors and stuff like that. But when you spend time around other gamers and builders you are bound to get your fair share of rumors from the mill, so to speak. Today my topic is the future. Well, I've visited this topic on a regular basis in the past but I try not to put to much value in them. As I see it rumors are just rumors until they are confirmed. But let's not talk about rumors but more concrete facts about the future. So what are the facts? Well, we got the SM Drop pods - it started out as a rumor but now it seems like we are going to have to pay the price for a "Rhino" to get one of these kits. It also means that you don't have to blast holes in you wallet (read: order from Forge World). And in my ears that's just about right. The new edition of the rules, that puts all the weight on Troops will make the drop pod a nice strategic choice. It will give the Space Marines that edge that you can expect from a Marine type of force. So as I see it, I see my old plans for a "Blood Angels"-army taking form once again. Another interresting project on the horizon is the "remake" (or new edition if you like) of the Imperial Guards Codex. Some sources say that you are going to be able to use more Armour in your army. And that's always nice. Not that I'm working on, or going to start an IG army anytime soon (but you never know).
Fall and the following winter will be an interresting time to say the least!

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