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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dark Commissar Update!

I did a bit of work on my "Fallen Commissar".

To get the right "tired" look on his eyes I used a dash of Asurmen Blue-wash before I started on the white. The scar and the lips are shaded with Baal Red. To define the scar a bit more I highlighted the edges with a mix of Elf Flesh and a bit of standard white.
The original wash of Gryphonne Sepia and the following layers of paint gives his face a very thin and tired look - in my opinion.

Here is a shot of his face that I took right after I washed it down with a liberal amount of Gryphonne Sepia.
I tend to switch between the Gryphonne Wash and the Ogryn Flesh Wash. As a rule of thumb I use the Ogryn Wash when I'm painting something more "fleshy" like this one:

My next post will be about bases!

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