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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day two of the great kitbash

So I got my hands on a box of HQ-minis, the Cadian ones. And put together two platoon command squads with the pieces. I also started to put some sand on some of the bases. The Zombie-conscripts all got based and the mortar team. I also opted to put the Vox-caster for the regimental Hq-squad on a bigger base than was needed. Since I gave him a bigger Vox-caster and a bit of scenery. Next up is finishing up with the bases and fixing one of the platoon standards. I have to grind down the Cadian emblems on it, it takes time and I'm also filling it out with some GS to make it i bit smoother.
All in all I'm quite happy with the progress so far. But it's going to be a pain to paint them all...
I'm still pondering what colour I'm going to use on their uniforms.

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